A “Chat” Seasoned with Grace



I don’t look forward to talking to tech support.  I’m not always my best self.  My frustration seems to grow with each minute.

Why is it necessary that every time one tech support person transfers a call to another one, I have to repeat my name, last 4 digits of my social, blood type, etc?

 If the problem is explained to the first person, why can’t she/he pass that information on to the next person so I don’t have to repeat it, and repeat it, and repeat it?

You could add your own frustrations.

But today was different.  This morning I wrote an article for the church I pastor clarifying what a “win” looks like for our church.  The second “win” out of three is this:  When people pursue a life that looks like, loves like Jesus.

 Then I went online to contact support for a billing issue on some software and chose the “chat” option.  After a long process of explaining and giving information there was this exchange:

Tech support: “I thank you so much for being so kind and patient with all this.”

Me: “I should be the one thanking you.” 

Tech support: “Oh it’s not a problem.  You’re the nicest person I’ve had so far today J.  Normally at this point with an issue like this, my head has been bitten off, chewed up, and spit back out.  Haha.”

Me: “I don’t know how you all in support work do your job.  Sometime people suck.”

Tech support: “Very patiently. Haha.

Me: “I would think that most of the time the problem is like mine: user fault.”

Tech support: “To most of our customers their thinking process is that their issue is our fault or we’re out to get them. It’s just really, extremely very nice to get someone like youJ”

 I didn’t tell her that I’m not always nice.  But I’m not.  Today was different.

Nearly 2000 years ago, Paul instructed the Colossian church, “Let your conversation be always full of grace.”  There’s that word grace.   Grace can’t be earned, bought, or forced.  It can only be freely given and freely received.  If my conversation is to be filled with grace, then each word is to be a gift to the hearer – or reader.

Today, my words were a gift to the support person.  Why was today different than some days?

Today, I actively pursued living, and loving like Jesus.

Today, I let the mind of Christ be in me (Philippians 2:5).

Today, I pictured the person typing and helping as a person loved and valued by God, deserving my respect and kindness.

Today was a good day.

I can’t wait for tomorrow.